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Working with an MPS provider with No Contracts and No Minimums matters

Working with an MPS provider with No Contracts and No Minimums matters

25 Mar 2020

Here we are on the second week of a Covid19 shut down for many businesses going into uncharted territory for American workers. For most, it’s just tough to be told not to go into work when you’re not on vacation or sick. I know it is for me as I love working with our eXoprint family and all our great clients. Every one of us looks forward to the people we see every week. Again, it is all about the relationships you create in life and that is our focus. However, I just received our first email regarding the temporary shut down of some satellite offices for one of our clients.  They are going to try and isolate and work everything from their main facility in Spartanburg SC. The basic content of the email was to address a concern about paying for printers and printing at the closed sites. First off, it was nice to be able to give our client the good news that it won’t be costing them anything, as things are very tough with the unknown and longevity of this shutdown. The other good news is that we keep it simple at eXoprint, you pay for only what you print. Because we have helped this client stay out of the long-term leases, they now won’t be paying for equipment that is sitting idle. Our no lease, no contract approach is now helping small and large businesses even when they can’t work. 

Our approach helps clients know that we really do take care of them and that our partnership is important. We don’t have base charges, fees, and monthly leases…just great support and knowledge to help our clients. Take it from hundreds of clients in Upstate SC, you can print better and more efficient in the office, let us show you how. It starts with a call to eXoprint. We will tell you everything the copier companies don’t want you to know.

We stand by our no contract, no minimums approach and will be glad to show you how eXoprint treats our clients differently. It has worked for our clients for over 10 years and we will do it for your company as well. Stay well and our team at eXoprint hopes all the world is back up and working soon!

God Bless,

Brad Colburn

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